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About Us. This is a description of the sectionIt doesn’t matter whether you operate a small retail store, a large industrial complex, or a medium-sized office – we have specialist cleaners ready to deliver the specific cleaning service you’re seekingThis is a description of the section


We are trusted Commercial & Office cleaning company in Melbourne. and we will always be


Dirty windows can make your home or office look gloomy and unwelcoming


Cleaning a retail store is very important for making a good impression on visitors


Allow customers to feel comfortable in a clean and hygienic facility


Our expert team of Factory cleaners are the gladiators of Factory cleaning


Child & Pet friendly Cleaning, practice free stain removal. Callfor free quote

Hi, my name is Sam

Hi, my name is Sam and I am so grateful to be able to help people succeed with your life and businesses

For the last 12 years I’ve been in carpet cleaning business but under the name “ rs cleaning and maintenance services”. Not long ago we opened ” rsforyou pty ltd “due to business friends and team that helped us.Our goal is to organize high-quality service and teams, but not to make a typical error of servicing.

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Old-fashioned business

We want an old-fashioned business, and that is that and my team and myself choose carefully, because I believe that having a good and healthy relationship with team mates is what makes the business as good as it can get. Being responsible as we are we want to maintain personal contact with our business partners and our team.

Old fashion business is very important for us because we know have to use chemicals without extra thinks.
What did we mean by that for example: disinfection! we do not use any additive other than alcohol. Later, for better removal of stains or fingerprints, we put something to wipe off with alcohol.

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